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Become a Fleet Hub Sales Agent

At Fleet Hub we aim to provide our customers with the very best vehicle purchasing experience by providing excellent customer service, competitive prices and the best after sales care in the UK.

We do this by delivering flexible solutions that are tailored to suit individual requirements. We pride ourselves on our approach to not having a ‘one size fits all’ model for our clients.

Our ethos is to develop and maintain long term relationships with all our clients and suppliers. We have a shared sense of purpose to consistently deliver the best service and support and to deliver on our promises.

To deliver these great benefits we are looking for Sales Agents to market our huge range of new cars and light commercial vans to a wider customer base. Leasing, financing and outright purchase for both businesses and individuals is available.

We have great head office support – all the Agent needs to do is get the enquiry and we’ll do the rest – with a minimum £100 commission per delivered vehicle to the Agent.

As part of our commitment to support Agents we’ll set up a dedicated website for Agents with full reports showing activity, orders etc. and in addition we’ll create Agent specific Point of Sale material and all at no cost to Agents.

If you have business and personal contacts that could benefit from our offers then this could be a great opportunity to create extra income.

Benefits of becoming a Fleet Hub Sales Agent

  • A minimum £100 commission per delivered vehicle
  • First class head office support
  • Dedicated website for Agents
  • Free point of sale materials
  • A great opportunity to earn extra income!


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