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If your business spends over £350 per month on diesel and you’re currently paying pump prices, Fleet Hub (in partnership with UK Fuels) can guarantee to save you a minimum of three pence per litre off your diesel costs* through our unique Fuel Card Price Guarantee.

* Savings based on national average pump prices as supplied by

No other fuel card supplier guarantees savings off pump prices, so why look any further if you need a fuel card account for your vehicle fleet? To discover how much you can save, please contact our friendly team on 01273 772676

With a choice of fuel networks and over 6500 service stations across the UK, your vehicles are never far away from a site that accepts one of our Fuel Cards. You can even create your own bespoke site network with our UK Plus account.

Save 3 pence per litre off diesel costs

To find out exactly which outlets accept our cards, please visit the e-route Service Station Locator to discover which fuel card best suits your needs.

In addition to great fuel prices and comprehensive site networks (and unlike many fuel card suppliers) we:

  • Issue our fuel cards completely free with no contract or joining fees
  • Guarantee absolutely no transaction fees or low / non usage charges

When you open your free fuel card account through Fleet Hub, you can also take advantage of our award winning, state of the art online management tool “Velocity” which allows you to run and download a variety of reports to help keep you in control of your fleet and is supplied as standard with all new accounts.

Visit the Velocity website and watch the online video to discover how Velocity can help your business manage its fuel purchases.

For more information on our unique price guarantee and help with ensuring you choose the best fuel card option for your business, please contact our friendly team on 01273 772676